Urubu 0.6: A great feature is now even greater!

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Urubu supports wiki links: a simple syntax to link to other pages in the project. For example, [/about-me] refers to the About me page. Wiki links are a great Urubu feature for these reasons:

  • Wiki links are a very valuable, proven feature of wikis.
  • Urubu is the only static website generator that supports wiki links AFAIK.
  • No new syntax is required: the Markdown syntax for reference links is reused. Urubu resolves them over page names.
  • When no link text is specified, Urubu inserts the title of the page in the html. This is great for readibility and consistency.

In Urubu 0.6, this feature has been improved. Now you can link to a specific location in a page.

Things started with a pull request from SoftwareMaven that makes it possible to link to anchors within a page. As Urubu creates anchors for all headers you can use those as targets. Syntax-wise you add the anchor as a fragment to the page name. For example, [/about-me#consultancy-services] links to the section Consultancy Services on the About me page.

I improved on the feature so that you can use the original section header as a fragment. For the example above, this would be [/about-me#Consultancy Services]. Urubu will "slugify" the fragment text to refer to the anchor, and use it unchanged as the link text. In this way, the text clicked will match the text where you land: Consultancy Services.

Enjoy the release!

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